Monday, April 1, 2013

Coming up Topic: Scooter culture in Taiwan

My next topic will talk about the scooter culture in Taiwan.

Scooter is the most popular transportation in Taiwan. Visitors from other part of the world usually see it as a special scenery of Taiwan. 

I'm planning to write a topic of this unique culture of Taiwan not only by words and pics but also a short footage shoot by myself, i'm a scooter commuter as well. 

Please stay tuned !! 
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Social Media and Age Discrimination 3

Yesterday, we talked about the inconvenient of  hard-wares that help us access the social media, and today we're are going to talk about some other elements that keeps elders from social media, that is , environment.

Environment is always a big issue no matter for language learners or a new tech learner. In other words, environment is a great stimulation the makes people want to learn and have to learn about new things. Elders who lives in country and elders who lives in cities would have totally different concept about weather they should learn new technologies.

In big cities like Taipei(the capital of Taiwan), you can feel and sense the flowing of information; in addition, you can feel the change of things. Since wifi connections and 3G networks are everywhere, it's easy for people to access to information. More over, people will use the resource because everyone around them would probably do the same.

(←Taipei City)

In the county, on the opposite, elders wouldn't feel the need of social media or internet. People would refuse to change if the change is not needed. To prove this, I would like to take the differences of tablets and laptops for example.

Years ago when the idea of tablet computer just came out, people felt inconvenient using virtual key boards to type words. And they keep complain that a real keyboard is better then hitting the screen, until recent years. People's habit has been changed and now they understand the convenience of tablets, and stopped complaining about the typing issue.

As you can see, people usually refused to change! That;s why without the stimulation of environment, elders in the country will refused to change.

There are still many other reasons and stories that keeps elders from social media; however, this is the last post i'm going to write about this topic. Next post we'll be start talking about Taiwanese scooter culture!

So, if you are planning to visit Taiwan, this is going to be a cooool topic for you !

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Social Media and Age Discrimination 2

As I said in my previous post. Social media is a powerful tool these days that people can use it for different purposes, from chatting with friends to seeking a job....bla bla bla

However, according to my own observation, a big percentage of elder people have difficulties to approach this kind of new media.  Let's take my mom for example. Her age is slightly above 45 and working for a international trading company as a secretary. About 2 years ago, one of its German client, a 20 year old young man, called  her to seek for some technical supports. In the end of their conversation, the German client wants to have her Facebook, just in case that the solution she provide couldn't solve the problem and he really doesn't want to make another 30 min international phone call, since it cost so much. Now, here comes the problem. My mother didn't have a Facebook or any sorts of social webpage account at that time. She told her the problem and he answered, "What? Are you kidding me? I just couldn't believe that there are still people on earth who doesn't have a Facebook account!" After the conversation, my mom was a little bit shocked and she got her account online right away.

Before this call, she used to tell us that Facebook is not going to do any good for us, my brother and I, don't use it too often.... bla bla bla
Now, this resisting of social media has influence her carrier directly; therefore, she has to make a change.

I believe that stories like my mom's is still happening around the globe, and we should take it seriously.

In my personal point of view, there are several reasons that keep elders, we are talking about age from 50-60, away from social media.

◎First, their friends don't use social media a lot.
◎Second, they are not willing to change.
◎Third, the younger generation refused to teach them.
◎Finally, the access of social media are not user friendly enough for elder users.  

In this post, I would like to focus on the last point, the access to social media.

There are so many devices that we can use to hook on the net and enjoy the convenience of social media, such as smart phones, tablets, PCs and so on....

No matter how new the devices are, the youth generation, who grew up with this kind of technology, can usually learn how to operate without any difficulty.

However, for elder users, they might encounter some troubles when they're leaning to use it. For example, physical difficulties. As people gets older, they're eye-sight won't be as good as teens for sure. How could you expect elders to read those 6pt words on a 3.5-5 inch screen easily??!! What's more, the main stream operation systems(OS) don't include special features or functions for elder people.

According to the statistics from IDC, the 2012 market share of smart phone OS indicates that Google Androids got over half the market around the world. (Androids: 68.3% Apple iOS: 18.8%) The problem is, Androids was claimed one of the most un-user friendly OSs around my friends.
ps. Especially for the elders, it's simply not "instant thought" enough.  

With a small screen, small words, un-user friendly OS, how could expect elders to learn it without facing troubles?

For me, a real user friendly OS should looks like Windows 8, with HUGE touch areas and images making people easier to touch the right area, and as easier as iOS to use. Of course, with bigger display will be great!

Why those manufacturers don't design products like this? Because, elders are not the main consumers for this kind of product. It's unprofitable!

To sum up, due to several reasons that make elders have hard time to approach social media, including the hardware to access social media, age discrimination of social media is now happenING online!

We'll discuss other reasons that leads to age discrimination later in my posts.
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( pics in this post are all searched from internet. )

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Social Media and Age Discrimination

Recently, i'm doing a project in my writing class. The theme of the project is "Social media and age discrimination." There are four people in our project group and we're all from the same class.

We believe that social media, Facebook, Twitter and other social websites, plays a significant role in the modern society. Since people nowadays have varies ways to access those web pages, its influence to us becomes more serious. However, despite it's so convenient that most people claimed that it brings people closer, there are people whose unwilling, or has difficulties, to learn how to use this kind of resource. Once people are not with the mainstream any more, they become those so called old school people.

The influence of social media is so wide that change people's life in different aspects, such as interacting with others, job hunting, or even the whole lifestyle.

I'll post a detail discussion later in my blog.

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Saturday, September 1, 2012


昨天(2012, 09, 01)在台北市的街頭聚集了近萬名民眾,有學生、NGO(非政府組織)、媒體工作者及學界&政界人士。



其二則為反媒體壟斷,若某個集團誘惑某個個體掌握台灣多數的主流媒體,意味的是什麼? 我想這意味的是言論及輿論的過度集中....



Yesterday in Taipei, Taiwan, around ten-thousand people walked on the streets of Taipei to demonstrate their determination of anti-media monopolization; in addition, reporters, NGOs, and citizen of Taiwan call for the homage of media professionalism.

The video below are made by photos and videos taken by me at the scene.  

Friday, August 31, 2012

Tomorrow, in Taipei, Taiwan, something big is going to happen. 

What you’ll see tomorrow is the power and will of Taiwanese people. 

It is high time to stand up and fight for our future!